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Montgomery has joined the world’s largest treasure-hunting community with 12 geocache sites hidden around the town and the surrounding area. The sixteen caches provide a family-friendly tourism resource giving visitors the chance to test their map reading and navigation skills. And, local people of all ages can have fun and get fit exploring our glorious countryside while taking part in this healthy, outdoor activity.


Resident, Penri Jones, volunteered with the Destination Montgomery project in 2018 and devised the geocache trail as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. He is currently working with the 1st Montgomery Cubs section to develop further sites around the town.


How to Start Geocaching

If you have never tackled a geocache hunt before – it’s very easy to get started. First login to www.geocaching.com, or click on the button below, to create a free account. You can create your online account using your computer or an app on your phone or tablet. You will need to download the app to your phone or to a handheld GPS to navigate to the hidden cache sites. Remember to carry a pen, because when you find a cache you will need to sign and date the logbook inside. Then put the cache back in the exact spot that you found it. Finally, log into your online account and record your find. You can also leave comments about how you enjoyed the game or with ideas for further sites.


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