Well, a long time ago in 1926, Mr and Mrs Willie Griffiths came to live at Woodlands. While Mr Griffiths went on to set up his pedigree Friesian herd at the farm, and later opened 17 National Milk Bars throughout the country, Mrs Florence Griffiths ran the house and established the extensive garden. 3 large Greenhouses were put up to grow tomatoes for the milk bars and lawns dug up to make potato beds. For the next 80 years, the Woodlands garden provided fruit and vegetables for a large household and the workforce throughout the year. In all, five generations of the family have raided the strawberry beds, climbed the apple trees and eaten the peas before they could be picked.


Now, once again, the historic Woodlands garden is producing fruit and vegetable for general sale. With the help of Mr John Tanner who has been at Woodlands for the past 30 years and whose father also gardened there, Shaun Rees, previously assistant herds manager of the pedigree Holstein herd, and Coren Stevens grow a wide range of organic produce which is available throughout the year, from spring cabbage to damsons for Christmas gin.

A variety of seasonal produce is available through Taste Montgomery on Thursdays and Saturdays at the weekly markets and in the Taste Montgomery shop on Broad street.

Orders for produce can also be placed by either phone or email.


How to contact us...

Shaun: 07917 714217






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