Ifors Welsh Wagu

Born into a farming family Ifor Humphreys has farmed all his life and began rearing Wagu in 2006. Wagyu, also known as Kobe beef is renowned for its superior eating qualities. Its unique taste and texture is due to the superior marbling within the meat and research indicates it’s healthier too.


Ifor’s Welsh Wagyu cattle are reared on clover rich pastures on his farm near Abermule and ‘finished’ on a blended grain ration. And yes, he does feed them Monty’s beer daily and give an occasional massage! This novel approach has led to Ifor’s Wagyu on menu’s in many top restaurants & a great deal of positive TV & media coverage.


This year he’s been joined in the busines by nephew Michael, who’s dramatically expanded ‘boxed Wagyu’ beef sales & has other innovations planned for the future. 


How to contact us... 

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