Muckleton Meats

Jan & David Morgan-Birtles are farmers in Shropshire with a small herd of Jersey cows and mixed breed pigs who take pride in the welfare of their animals and the production of fine pork sausages, meatballs, burgers and dry-cured bacon.


"If we wouldn't eat it, it doesn't go in!"


The business started in Muckleton, hence the name, and was based there for ten years until, the founder retired in 2016. The business then moved forward and location with David and Jan at the helm, high into the South Shropshire Hills where the small herd of pedigree Jersey cattle provide milk for their calves, the pigs and the ice cream business.


The Bacon Master (David) has won awards for their products including Best Bacon at the 2019 English Winter Fair, held in Stafford. 


Sold at Farmers’ Markets, local makers’ markets and selected outlets as well as our local Castle Kitchen


How to contact us...

01743 891525





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