Daisy Bank Dairy

Glen Lloyd is a third-generation dairy farmer living with his family at Gate farm in mid wales, on the hills above Llandyssil near Montgomery and the name Daisy Bank Dairy is a tribute to the lady that helped start the dream at Gate Farm in the 1940’s, Glen’s late grandmother Daisy.


The enterprise, launched in 2020, is very much a team effort, with Glenn, partner Sandie (the brains), son Reggie (chief helper) and grandad Lloyd (Mike) all sharing responsibility of the whole process, from the grass in the field to the milk in the bottles.

Glenn says. “We're very keen on regenerative agriculture, improving soil health, using rotational grazing and growing grass crops that have as little impact on the environment as possible and actually help to reverse the effects of air pollution, using herbal and clover pastures, to increase cow health and pull carbon out of the atmosphere and use it as fuel to grow our grass ORGANICALLY.


 Organic farms on average have 50% more wildlife and mini-beasts and orgainc milk is 50% higher in omega3, and it's all the herbal and clover grass pasture that makes our milk taste so sweet!”


As well as having milk vending machines at Tuffins’ in Welshpool and Costcutters in Caersws, Daisy Banks milk is available from their farm gate and from the Taste Montgomery Stall at Montgomery market. 



How to contact us...

07855 435104








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