Crowwood Farm

Crowwood is a small family run agricultural business based in the heart of the beautiful Montgomeryshire countryside. It became home to Ed and Harriet in 2018 and they are now proud to be providing high quality homebred lamb, pork, Dexter beef, and locally sourced game.

Their animals are non-intensively reared and benefit from a truly free-range outdoor life, receiving the highest standards of care. Once the livestock are fully matured they travel only a short distance to a local family run abattoir and butchery. The lamb and pig carcases are hung for a few days, whilst the Dexter is hung for at least three weeks to develop a wonderful rounded depth of flavour. The butcher cuts and packs the meat to their requirements, and yours, ready to supply to the ever increasing customer base.

In addition to their own meat, they also supply a wide range of game meat from other local producers, who also uphold their high standards.

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