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Everyone will be aware Lymore Farm is in need of investment and TLC. I was therefore very pleased to find Neil and Karen Oughton to take on a 20 year tenancy as they have huge enthusiasm for both the area and the farm and have demonstrated a determination to bring the farm up to scratch over the next few years.
They are highly competent, professional farmers with pedigree stock and are just what the farm needs.

Supervision of access to and around Lymore has, in recent years, been allowed to slip to the extent that some people appear to have got into the habit of treating Lymore a bit like a public park, which it isn't, and whose activities were seldom challenged, except on occasions by me! It is therefore difficult for, and perhaps unfair to expect, our new tenants to tighten up on a regime which had become somewhat lax. Neither they, nor the Estate, wish to stop anyone enjoying the park and its setting and we have always been open to sharing its amenity with local residents - we are very proud of it. However there has to be a balance between that and ensuring the farm, cricket club and shoot can operate properly.

Farming today is a serious business - I thought it might be useful therefore, to help mutual understanding, to provide a guide as to what the Estate expects from visitors to the park so that all may enjoy it while avoiding conflicts of interest.
There is a good network of public footpaths and bridleways across the whole Estate - these are signed and mapped (and we hope maintained) over which there are of course no restrictions (Copies have been made available for inspection at various locations in the town).

If not known to you please try to familiarise yourself with them. Footpaths are for pedestrians, bridleways for horse riders, pedal cyclists and pedestrians.
Lymore Drive is a bridleway over a private road which is for use (as signed) only by motor vehicles by those living at Lymore or visiting them, for shoot syndicate members and access to the cricket pitch.

Dog walkers are asked to keep their dogs out of the woods and on leads in any enclosure in which there is livestock (countryside code). When devoid of livestock dog walkers may utilise the fields either side of the Lower Pool but visitors are asked not to walk along the track to the top pool, among farm buildings or into woods.
The Estate is committed to allowing access to other areas upon request, consent for which will normally be granted in the absence of any good reason not to.

We wish everyone to continue to share the enjoyment of this wonderful part of Montgomeryshire - it should however be seen as a privilege, not a right, and with accompanying responsibilities on all parties. While there may have been some initial misunderstandings, I welcome the arrival of our new tenants at Lymore and their enthusiasm and determination to take on the challenge of a farm new to them.
Given time, and while appreciating the challenges they face. I hope you will too. Tom Till, FRICS - Land Agent

Montgomery Wales

Keeping our Station alive

Montgomery Fire and Rescue Station has a modern, fully-fitted front-line fire-fighting appliance, together with a co-responder vehicle equipped with oxygen and defibrillator. The station is crewed by retained (ie volunteer) fire-fighters, so that savings by closure will be small.... we never want to see this happen

Any closure plans would however affect a wide swathe of Mid Wales and Shropshire.
As well as being the primary call-out appliance for a significant local area, the Montgomery appliance frequently provides cover for right across Mid-Wales and over the border, as well as attending road traffic accidents and other incidents.

As much as the station is always on hand to carry out it's vital function and it's active role in the community, we as a community need to also be always on hand to support our station in times of need.

We have a facebook page called 'Keep Montgomery Fire Station Open'. Although there are currently no plans to look at cost savings for Montgomery Fire Station, we must always be ready to support these services because once they are gone, they are gone.

Montgomery Wales

Residents Beware: Watch out for scam calls especially ones from callers who claim to be either from Microsoft or are Microsoft Certified Engineers. These callers try to convince you your PC is infected and causing their servers problems but they are here to help. They are not, they are only there to get money from you and sell you useless software. Hang up and never give any card or payment details to them.
Residents Beware: Buying and selling door to door, while some cold sales are genuine, a few are not so think carefully when dealing with door to door sellers and buyers. More information can be found on the trading standards website.
The Town Council has recently been informed by Dyfed Powys Police of a new Community Speed Watch programme. The intention is to provide communities with the loan of a speed gun and training on how to use it. The Police would designate a specific area on any of the approach roads into Town and three people in high visibility jackets would be required to operate the gun, take the vehicle number and act as a witness. There must be three people at any one time, and they are not allowed to stop the motorist. Any motorist exceeding the speed limit can expect a letter of the Police. Our PCSO is very keen to use Montgomery as a pilot trial. Is anyone out there interested in getting involved, if so please get in contact with Mike Mills via the Town Council Contact form

How do I see if I can get Superfast Broadband?


Superfast broadband has arrived in Montgomery and already a few lucky residents are enjoying speeds of up to 70Mb/s download and 16Mb/s upload as opposed to 8Mb/s download and 0.5Mb/s upload for standard broadband. Hop over to http://www.superfast-cymru.com pop in your telephone number and hit submit. The scan will let you know if you live near a BT enabled cabinet and can get superfast broadband. If you can't the site will recommend a course of action you may need to take, or if for any reason BT is held up due to permissions to proceed then ask your local councillor for guidance and whose email address can be found under the Town Council section of this website.


What is Superfast Broadband?


BT has come up with a clever solution to enabling greater Internet speeds for residential and business customers using standard copper wire. What BT has in affect done is to bring the telephone exchange closer to your home by running in fibre optics next to the nearest serving cabinet, (the little green boxes you often see engineers crouched over on rainy days). The main cause for slow Internet speed is due to the distance the data has to travel from your house to the local exchange so any means to shorten that distance can only aid in increasing the data speeds - plus, with some very clever sampling techniques BT has managed to squeeze a vast amount of data down a pair of copper wires.


What happens if I can Get Superfast Broadband?


Well, this depends on your service provider. More often than not you'll either get a new home router delivered in the post that is pretty much plug and play or your service provider will arrange for an openreach engineer to visit your home / business to set you up. And if I get stuck? BT has a lot of information on FTTC and FTTP. (Fibre to the cab, Fibre to the Premises). Simply visit their website, or your service providers website for more information: BT Still worried? Fear not, local help is at hand and can be found by clicking on the link at the footer of most of the pages on this website.

If you are concerned about any of the topics detailed above, please contact the Town Clerk.