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Built with the community and tourist in mind, the Montgomery Wales website is developed to cater to those needs - from interactive calendars, on line booking systems, community publication upload systems allowing for inclusion, independence and involvement. The community is where Montgomery Wales finds it's inspiration and energy to develop and move forward only at a pace that is deemed appropriate to the nature and environment of the community - there are no pop up advertisements, no sale banners, no flashy text or suggested sites to navigate to through pay per click - this is just Montgomery Wales as you would find it if you were to visit, vibrant, relaxing and welcoming.

Built and developed by G17, using the very best in open source and the developer community.
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About Me

AdamWell, my name is Adam Cusack. (Cusack = Irish, I've got my Dad's fiddle to prove it)
If you live in or around Montgomery you've probably seen me with a camera stuck to my face either pointing at you or something else or driving a white van with G17 on the side.
This site is developed under my company name G17 but I keep to the Montgomery Spirit where most of the work done to this site, photos taken, events captured, time given up, often day's - is all done for free. Why?
Well Montgomery is a place filled with warm hearted people, people who give up a tremendous amount of time to make other people happy and I see this site as essential to giving those volunteers exposure and recognition for the work they do. The site is also under the umbrella of the Town Council - they think the same as me - which is good.